About Us

Changing the narrative one page at a time.

HowlTruth specialises in literature about abuse. We have collections covering child, domestic, sexual, and systematic abuse, personality disorders, and books to help you heal.

HowlTruth believes in a world where someone hurt by an abuser, instantly howls, loudly. They know help will come and others will be warned, that there is a perpetrator on the loose.

People talk openly about abuse, and abusers know their code of silence no longer protects them. They have no choice but to seek help and stop abusing. Society no longer minimises, excuses nor tolerates their violence.

Current narrative surrounding domestic and sexual abusers leaves those they harm living with shame, isolation and stigma. After escaping an abusive relationship, HowlTruth's founder found books helped her break free from her own demons, and heal.

Books at HowlTruth have been carefully selected by others harmed by abuse, so we know the messages in their pages will give you strength, supporting you on your healing journey.