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Toxic Love

Toxic Love

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Author(s): Haracic-Novic, Indira
Binding: Paperback / softback
Country of Origin:
Dimensions (mm): 234 x 156 x 26
Weight (g): 513
Year of Publication: 2021
ISBN13/EAN/SKU: 9780645028904
Description: Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Or do you desire to stop abusing your intimate partner? Do you simply want to understand what motivates an abuser to reoffend? If so, this ground-breaking book is for you.

With their innovative approach, clinical psychologist Indira Haracic-Novic and men's health expert Dean Quirke shed new light on the epidemic of domestic violence against women.

Instead of viewing spousal or intimate partner abuse as the sole result of power and control tactics, the authors invite readers to explore the repetitive patterns of abusive behaviour - which tend to escalate in frequency and severity - within a behavioural addiction paradigm.

They have consolidated their expertise in this book, assisting victims to heal from the trauma of abuse, and to prevent it from happening in future relationships.

Reaching out to men who want to stop abusing their loved ones, Haracic-Novic and Quirke also provide strategies to break free from their repetitive patterns of abusive behaviour. By dismantling the dangerous aspects of the personality that may have become addicted to abusing their partners, victims and abusers become free to create healthier loving relationships.

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