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Domestic Violence And Abuse : Being Alerted To Stay Alive

Domestic Violence And Abuse : Being Alerted To Stay Alive

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Binding: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Laurence Edwards
Pagination: 100 pages
ISBN\EAN: 9781838205003
Weight in grams: 122
Dimensions in mm: 127 x 202 x 10
Description: A journey through the traumatic and the real life changing scenarios that occur when you fall into the trap and vicious cycle of domestic violence and abuse.

Why are you in a state of paralysis that makes it so hard for you to escape?

Understand how the abuse can undermine your entire life and alter your mindset, and how it is difficult to spot.

What part can alcohol and drugs play?

Why you can get out of one traumatic experience only to make the same mistake again.

Can we all lose control and commit murder in the heat of the moment?

Take a positive step and take control of your life back. The aim of this book is for a better understanding of domestic violence and abuse and to bring everything out into the open so the victims of this horrendous crime arent suffering in silence and they have a voice.

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